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What Depression Looks Like Among Seniors

What Depression Looks Like Among Seniors

Mental health is another aspect that we need to focus on when it comes to senior care. We cannot say that the body is healthy if the mind is not. Late-life depression is affecting the overall health of seniors all around the world.

At Allied Home Health Care Inc., one of the most trusted Certified Home Health Care Agencies in Massachusetts, we want to provide a total health care service for each patient. We believe that senior care is not just about giving medication and providing companionship, but it is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle – including Mental Health.

What makes depression among seniors different?

Unlike in our younger years, depression may just come in form of a lack of enthusiasm in doing activities. It could just be the moods changing or any hormonal imbalance.

Depression among seniors, on the other hand, can be taken to a whole different context. Some would think that depression is part of aging and they just have to deal with it. But actually, it is not! You can still feel good at any age.

This can also be an aftermath of their medication or their illness. Once they are diagnosed with a diseases or illness, they might feel down or emotionally stressed out. This could lead to anxiety and depression too.

What are the common symptoms of senior depression?

  1. Unwanted aches and body painsIf you ever notice your senior loved one chronically complaining about certain discomforts or any kind of body pains, this can be an indicator of depression.
  2. Loss of appetite and enthusiasm to do thingsAnother indicator of depression is their loss of appetite – both for food and pursuing their hobbies. Not wanting to eat or join any activity can be a sign that they are emotionally bothered.

    The most evident result of skipping meals is weight loss. If our body does not receive adequate nutrients, this could result to the worsening of any pre-existing health condition or it could complicate any underlying health problems.

  3. Neglecting their medication There are times when seniors would purposely skip their medicines while some would really forget all about it. They do not tell their caregivers that they need to refill their prescription medicines or that they feel uncomfortable with the dosage given to them. They would prefer to just forego their medication in general.

    It’s possible that they think being diagnosed with a particular condition makes them helpless and hopeless. However, if they just think positive and they follow what their doctor tells them, they can still mitigate their condition. As caregivers, it is our job to encourage them to fight depression and enjoy life.

Depression is universal. It could affect you or your loved one and it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. Do not wait for things to get worse, let our multicultural quality home care services in Massachusetts, help you.

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