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The Truth about Oral Feeding Problems

The Truth about Oral Feeding Problems

Is your child having some difficulty when talking? Do they interchange vowel sounds and word pronunciations every now and then? They would need a speech therapist for that. One of the most common notions about therapists is that they treat children and adults’ speech problems.

But we have never talked about those people who are suffering from eating and swallowing problems. Today, on the blog, we will discuss some of the most serious oral problems that we do not know of. We will know how our therapists at Allied Home Health Care, Inc., a provider of Home Health Care Services in Quincy, MA, respond to these health problems.

The work of a therapist does not stop in treating mispronunciation and delay in speech among children. Adults have their fair share of speech and oral problems too. For most senior adults, they often experience difficulty in swallowing their food and chewing them.

In medical terms, we termed such condition of difficulty in swallowing as dysphagia. One may experience such if they have problems with their esophagus, their digestion and stomach, and a thyroid nodule. Hence, the need for a therapist who can provide them the right means to induce food in their body is very necessary.

With the advanced technology that we have today, we can treat dysphagia in different ways. If you prefer to have a quick and painless treatment, you can ask your doctor to undergo surgery. You can also opt for the safer and more proven way to treat them.

Drooling in kids is a different story. Uncontrollable production of saliva in the mouth can be caused by their age. They may not yet know to control the production of such saliva in their mouth. Teething can also be a factor that contributes to excessive drooling.

But when we talk about drooling among adults, this could be taken in a whole different context. Old age and health problems may be the factors that cause them to drool excessively. Specifically, neurological disorders can greatly cause uncontrollable drooling. When our facial muscles weaken due to Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and even during the late stages of dementia, we may not be able to program our mouth to close and swallow our saliva.

Our speech therapists at Allied Home Health Care, Inc., one of the Certified Home Health Care Agencies in Massachusetts, work with different cases of oral problems. We do not just provide therapists and leave you at your own discretion. We want you and your therapists to work together and come up with a good partnership in order for the therapy to work.

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