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The Power of Words: What You Should Not Say to Your Senior Loved One

The Power of Words: What You Should Not Say to Your Senior Loved One

Words are powerful. They can either uplift or break a person’s spirit. This holds especially true for elders. It is probably because old age makes a person more sensitive. When taking care of your senior loved one, you should be extra careful about the things you say to them to avoid hurting their feelings.

Allied Home Health Care, Inc. makes a list of what you should not say to your senior loved one.

  • “It is not that hard!”
    Old age can limit a person’s ability to perform certain tasks. Even the simplest ones can take a toll for many seniors. You have to keep in mind that just because you find it easy does not mean that it is easy for them too. Avoid making comparisons. This might just make them feel worthless.
  • “You cannot possibly do that!”
    Telling your loved one that they cannot do a particular task because of their age can be hurtful too. As much as possible, they want to maintain their independence despite their age and condition. As we said earlier, old age can limit them to perform certain tasks. But if they are able to do it, let them. Do not discourage them.
  • “You have told me that several times already!”
    You probably have noticed your senior loved one constantly repeat what they say. This is because cognitive decline becomes more prevalent among the senior group. They sometimes forget that they have already told you the same story again and again. Do not get frustrated. Reprimanding them might make them hesitant to open up to you.
  • “but we are not talking about that!”
    Conversations with an elderly loved one can often go rogue. For instance, you and your elder are eagerly talking about your favorite food and then they suddenly bring up a different topic, like their favorite shirt. Avoid getting annoyed. Most seniors find it difficult to keep one conversation going.
  • “When you are gone”
    Are you looking forward to that day? Well, death may be inevitable. It is a normal part of life. However, this does not mean that it is a nice topic to talk about. This might lead them to think that you do not want them in your life anymore. Avoid saying this, even if you intend it as a joke.
  • “How can you live like this?”
    You visit their house and you might see a mess—dirty clothes everywhere, unwashed dishes, overflowing trash, etc. Instead of being sarcastic about it, ask your senior if they want some assistance with their day-to-day tasks. You can bring up about getting help from a Multicultural Quality Home Care Services in Massachusetts.

Allied Home Health Care, Inc. is one of the Certified Home Health Care Agencies in Massachusetts. We have a team of compassionate and proficient healthcare professionals ready to assist you and your loved one’s needs. To schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to give us a ring at 617-934-4473. You can also send us an email at

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