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More than a Feeling: What Happiness Does to the Elderly?

More than a Feeling: What Happiness Does to the Elderly?

It is tempting to prioritize or perhaps solely focus on the physical health of the elderly individuals. Loved ones sometimes turn a blind eye to the psychological welfare of the aging and sick, not knowing that a good mental health goes far beyond than just feeling good. There is more than caregivers can do than managing the old people’s medications, assisting them with mobility and housekeeping, helping them keep a good hygiene, preparing meals appropriate for their diet, and other forms of aid. Certified Home Health Care Agencies in Massachusetts gives value to the satisfaction and joy of the elderly individuals because a positive and happy mindset is powerful and highly beneficial especially in times of sickness and struggles.

Keeps Them Away from Depression and Irritability

It is quite common for older people to be pessimistic or down and easily triggered. It seems that they can never be pleased and everything is just annoying. And that is because perhaps they have given up on seeing the beauty and happiness in the world because they could not find it anyway. Perhaps no one has taken them seriously anymore nor has treated them with respect. No one has been genuinely nice to them either. If caregivers, everyday show them kindness, treat them with importance, and radiate positivity and happiness to them, the elderly individuals would be pulled away from their gloomy and isolated world. Through Home Health Care Services in Quincy, MA which are provided by our caregivers, caregiving duties are provided with the added benefit of making the elderly person feel attended to and valued. Even the simple act of visiting and talking to the senior can already make a significant impact in preventing depression and irritability.

Makes Them Resilient

If they are in a good disposition, it means that their brains and body have good amounts of the happy hormones. Having a positive mindset can keep them stronger and more tolerant to the pains and discomforts that their illnesses and limited mobility bring them. While incontinence and other challenges can be embarrassing and exhausting, happy older people can be less affected and positively accept and adjust to the changes in their body and lifestyle. Providers of Multicultural Quality Home Care Services in Massachusetts encountered elderly individuals who are sick and handicapped but cannot be bothered by their conditions.

Connects Them to People

It is challenging to keep trying to break down the wall of grumpy or aloof people. Consequently, families, friends, and acquaintances of elderly individuals who are pessimistic and irritable just try to avoid them if their presences do not seem to gladden the elderly anyway. With children, grandchildren, and friends slowly severing their ties from the elderly people, the more these aging individuals do not get visits and phone calls which make them sadder. Whereas a positive character does the opposite – keep the elderly connected to their loved ones.

Unhappiness can be a cause or an effect. Either way, Allied Home Health Care, Inc. sees to it that we send joyful and loving vibes to the elderly as we provide them our services. Check out our services page for further information about what we offer. If you have your own questions to ask or suggestions to share, feel free to use the comments section below.

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