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5 Topics That Can Help You Spark a Meaningful Conversation with a Senior Loved Ones


Conversations seem like a simple thing. It’s just people exchanging words back and forth. But actually, having a conversation is also another way to learn something new about your loved ones and to bring you closer.

Guide the conversation to the right direction by talking to your senior loved ones about:

  1. Their passions in life.

    Everyone has a passion. Just like you, there is something that keeps your senior loved ones going.

    This is one of the topics you can trust they will have fun discussing. Ask them what continually inspires them and what are the things that fuel their drive in life. You’re bound to receive a well-thought-out answer. You can even discuss your differences and learn new insight from each other!

  2. The things they enjoy.

    What are the things that can instantly put a smile on their face? Do they have fun doing their hobbies? Maybe spending time with their friends and family or cuddling with their pets. The answers to these kinds of question are endless, and it allows you to discover a new part of your senior loved ones.

  3. The memories they fondly look back on.

    You can throw in some questions about how they met their current spouse, how they spent their first paycheck when they were younger, or how they used to enjoy their weekends. By asking these type of questions, you are not only engaging your senior loved one to think about happy thoughts but it also mentally stimulates their ability to recall memories.

  4. The type of music they listen to.

    Everyone has their own favorite. Try asking if there were bands they used to follow when they were younger or if they played an instrument before. You might be surprised at how your senior loved one could have actually been a singer or dancer in their youth! They may even let you see some memorabilia or pictures they still keep.

  5. The genre of movies or books they are interested in.

    Do they prefer more relaxed themes or do they like action-packed stories better? Ask them who their favorite characters are and why they took a shine to those fellows. With this information, you will be able to organize activities you both can enjoy.

Having a conversation will only take a couple of minutes (but it can last up to several hours if you are both having a lot of fun!).

However, if you are currently unable to take time off from work or other appointments to have a nice chat with your senior loved one, you can get companionship care from Allied Home Health Care, Inc., one of the Certified Home Health Care Agencies in Massachusetts.

Not only will our carers provide socialization for your senior loved one, but we can also offer Multicultural Quality Home Care Services in Massachusetts. Book an appointment with us today!

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