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3 More Ways How Nurses Save Lives

Homebound individuals who currently need the help of a home health care provider, can benefit from the services of a skilled nurse. These nurses are capable of executing minor yet proper medical procedures that can be administered at home for those who enjoy the comforts of their abode. There are different certified home health care … Continue reading

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The Power of Words: What You Should Not Say to Your Senior Loved One

Words are powerful. They can either uplift or break a person’s spirit. This holds especially true for elders. It is probably because old age makes a person more sensitive. When taking care of your senior loved one, you should be extra careful about the things you say to them to avoid hurting their feelings. Allied … Continue reading

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Dos and Don’ts in Health Care

Our health is something that we should not compromise. For seniors, health care is essential to their day-to-day activities. But our golden years may require us more than an occasional diet and exercise. Once we feel early symptoms of health problems, it would be best to have a caregiver with us. Having our caregiver is … Continue reading

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What Depression Looks Like Among Seniors

Mental health is another aspect that we need to focus on when it comes to senior care. We cannot say that the body is healthy if the mind is not. Late-life depression is affecting the overall health of seniors all around the world. At Allied Home Health Care Inc., one of the most trusted Certified … Continue reading

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The Encompassing Benefits of Home Care to Other Family Members

They say that home is not a place, rather, it is a gathering of people with which you can call your family. When family members know a loved one becomes critically sick, the situation seizes to be a personal matter. The dilemma is now of the entire family. Naturally, everyone will contribute and exhaust their … Continue reading

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nurse and elderly man doing physical therapy