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6 Ways to Take a Break from Caregiving

Enjoying your personal space and spending leisure time sound like an impossible luxury to a busy caregiver. But you deserve it – as well as the senior you’re taking care of. Put it in your daily to-dos. Allow yourself to rest without feeling guilty about it and find time to do things you enjoy on … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Make Golden Years Interesting and Meaningful

Aging is a very rewarding experience, but it also has some bad reps too. We’ve heard lots of myths about hitting the golden years – becoming vulnerable to diseases, losing one’s independence, or spending more years as an empty nester. Other people think that belonging to the retirement group makes you dispensable assets in the … Continue reading

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How Having a Personal Caregiver Promotes Independence Among Seniors

Our senior loved ones are quite sensitive when we talk about senior care. They might think that we are planning to send them to a community care center or to a nursing home. With the idea of being in these places, it does not motivate them to socialize or even take good care of their … Continue reading

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The Encompassing Benefits of Home Care to Other Family Members

They say that home is not a place, rather, it is a gathering of people with which you can call your family. When family members know a loved one becomes critically sick, the situation seizes to be a personal matter. The dilemma is now of the entire family. Naturally, everyone will contribute and exhaust their … Continue reading

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6 Notable Ways Physical Therapists Help You

“Patience is also a form of action.” – Auguste Rodin. Immobility is caused by many things. Notably, some of which are old age, stroke, muscle and bone disorders, and accidents. Despite the cause, living life as an immobile person can be depressing. The world might feel bigger and more overwhelming. Thankfully, Physical Therapy existed and … Continue reading

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nurse and elderly man doing physical therapy