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Home Health Blog in Metropolitan Boston

5 Tips to Make Golden Years Interesting and Meaningful

Aging is a very rewarding experience, but it also has some bad reps too. We’ve heard lots of myths about hitting the golden years – becoming vulnerable to diseases, losing one’s independence, or spending more years as an empty nester. Other people think that belonging to the retirement group makes you dispensable assets in the … Continue reading

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Dos and Don’ts in Health Care

Our health is something that we should not compromise. For seniors, health care is essential to their day-to-day activities. But our golden years may require us more than an occasional diet and exercise. Once we feel early symptoms of health problems, it would be best to have a caregiver with us. Having our caregiver is … Continue reading

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The Truth about Oral Feeding Problems

Is your child having some difficulty when talking? Do they interchange vowel sounds and word pronunciations every now and then? They would need a speech therapist for that. One of the most common notions about therapists is that they treat children and adults’ speech problems. But we have never talked about those people who are … Continue reading

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What Depression Looks Like Among Seniors

Mental health is another aspect that we need to focus on when it comes to senior care. We cannot say that the body is healthy if the mind is not. Late-life depression is affecting the overall health of seniors all around the world. At Allied Home Health Care Inc., one of the most trusted Certified … Continue reading

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How Having a Personal Caregiver Promotes Independence Among Seniors

Our senior loved ones are quite sensitive when we talk about senior care. They might think that we are planning to send them to a community care center or to a nursing home. With the idea of being in these places, it does not motivate them to socialize or even take good care of their … Continue reading

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nurse and elderly man doing physical therapy