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Home Health Blog in Metropolitan Boston

Supporting Someone Who Is Recovering From an Injury

Accidents happen. If you get injured in an accident, it can drastically change your life. You won’t be able to do the usual things you do at home or outside for some time. It can leave you frustrated. You will feel all sorts of emotions that don’t help you with your recovery. Supporting an injured … Continue reading

Posted in Recovering From Injury

Safeguard Your Elderly from the Dangers of Choking

Choking occurs when your airways get blocked, cutting off your breathing. It usually happens during mealtime when a chunk of food or drink gets stuck in your throat. During mealtime, your elderly loved one may be watching TV, reading a book, or playing with a gadget in their hand. They do this while chewing their … Continue reading

Posted in Elderly Safety

3 More Ways How Nurses Save Lives

Homebound individuals who currently need the help of a home health care provider, can benefit from the services of a skilled nurse. These nurses are capable of executing minor yet proper medical procedures that can be administered at home for those who enjoy the comforts of their abode. There are different certified home health care … Continue reading

Posted in Home Health Care

5 Absolute Recovery Tips for Our Elderly

When we feel a little under the weather, we ultimately wish to have our moms right by our side to comfort us and to take care of us. Other times, it is us who need to be by their side. So when we are given the chance to return their love for us, make these … Continue reading

Posted in Recovery Tips

Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle at an Advanced Age

The older we get, the more important a healthy lifestyle becomes. This is because as we age our health will naturally decline. We may not feel the effects right away but one day it will hit you like a sack of bricks. Fortunately, living a healthy lifestyle is not difficult and anyone can do it! … Continue reading

Posted in Healthier Lifestyle
nurse and elderly man doing physical therapy